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268666 Ken Vaughan <kvaughan@a...> 2019‑06‑11 10 of Jim Thompson's Articles at Woodturning Online
Dennis has filed 10 of Jim's articles in his projects collection at 


The articles are:

1) Making a Compression Nut Ferrule
2) Ebonizing wood
3) Making a Thin Lathe Skew
4) Making a Double-ended Shear Scraper
5) Signing your work 
6) Making your own Sandpaper Cutting Device
7) Making handles for woodturning gouges
8) Making tapered octagonal and hexagonal handles
9) Scratch Awls
10) Turning a wood oyster box

Wood Turning Online is not organized by author, but rather by theme (ie
projects)  and grouped by topics (ie boxes).   

All are correctly attributed to Jim.

Thanks to Roy Parker for his assistance in digging through his archives. 


Ken in Juneau

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