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268659 "Stager, Scott P." <StagerS@m...> 2019‑06‑08 Re: pumpkin smasher?
I think one would work great in my compost pail.  Chop up the stuff if I hadn’t
gotten around to it before putting it out.  I collect in a pail out front, then
dump that in the compost bin out back.  Over the hill potatoes and squash would
subcumb to it nicely :0)


On Jun 8, 2019, at 10:43 AM, Don Schwartz ma
ilto:dks@t...>> wrote:

Thanks to you both. The only one I've seen was considerably smaller - a one-hand
model - and I've wondered what it was, long after I sold it. Maybe it was meant
for preparing feed for piglets! ;-)


On 2019-06-08 6:59 a.m., John M Johnston (jmjhnstn) wrote:
I found this.



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therefore I beg you to write and let me know.”/ - Sir Boyle Roche, M.P.

On Jun 8, 2019, at 1:35 AM, Don Schwartz ma
ilto:dks@t...>> wrote:

Does anyone know anything at all about this sort of knife?


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