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267629 John Ruth <johnrruth@h...> 2019‑01‑12 Re: KNives
Scott just explained something I had not grasped:

“  I caught his trick right away.
The contraption actually worked, but it only worked twice at most.
So as he talked, he would open a new box and take one out, draw the knife
through a couple of times and slice a tomato. Easily talk about the next
upcoming operation, as he deftly put it back in the box, set if off to the side
and pick up a new box..............”

Oh, Scott!  You may have just explained why I could not even approach the
results achieved by the glass cutter hawker!!!

He was effortlessly making straight cuts and wavy cuts in what he said was
salvaged glass.  ( IMHE Old glass is somehow more difficult to deal with than
new glass. )

He was slicing off strips only about an inch wide, which is, for me, more
difficult than making a cut across the middle of a larger piece.

Despite being cynical about salesmen in general, I bought his wonder gadget,
fortunately not paying all that much.  When I tried it, weeks later, it did not
seem to do any better than a traditional glass cutter.  I’ll have to check it to
see if the carbide wheel wore prematurely.

Getting back on topic, the evilest knife destroyer ever invented must be the
little grinding wheel built into the back of a countertop electric can opener.
I would not allow one of those things in my house for fear that my (then) wife
or some other “helpful” person would take the good knives to it.

John Ruth
24 degrees here in Central NJ

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