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267282 Darrell & Kathy <larchmont@s...> 2018‑12‑05 cherry picture frames

It's time to start a long-delayed project (and no it is not
time to finish off those chairs) some picture frames for
some of the art work we have acquired recently.  These
are mostly illuminated scrolls for SCA awards, plus a
couple of Letters of Marque.   Good stuff for our walls.

I pulled a nice looking piece of cherry from the wood rack
hoping to get something with reasonably straight plain
grain.  I will be planing moldings in both directions on
this stuff, so I want it as bland as possible.  Pretty grain
means tearout, and I don't want to be sanding this stuff.

I face and edge jointed the stock, which wasn't too much
of a chore as the lumber was bandsawn and quite nice
to start with.  I stuffed it into the magick box that makes
thin wood out of thick wood, and proceeded to rip it into
strips on the bandsaur.  'Nuff said about that aspect of
the process.

Time to pick the best edge for the ovolo, and put the
rebate on the opposite face.  I have square dog holes
as near to the edge of the bench as I could get them.
This makes planing narrow stock like this at least
possible.  It's still tricky sometimes.

The vise dog is way out on one corner of the vise jaw.
And I am sure to hear the shrill wingeing of the Anti
Jaw Racking League up and down the virtual street
when they see this:


Fie upon them, I say!  I've racked this little vise for
nigh on a decade and it works just fine, thank you.
The bog standard Stanley #78 (iron fillister plane, Jeff)
works well on this bland cherry.

The next bit of fun is to put the molding planes to work.
I got all the ovolos finished tonight, and started on the
beads.  My hands are not used to pushing these planes
so I have a few more yards of bead to run.  If I'm diligent
I can get this done before the Galoot BBQ.  And clean the
shop (again!).


There are a few little rough spots where the grain went
awry on me, but I can probably scrape and burnish these
out.  The real fun will begin when I start trying to mitre
this stuff.  I wonder if that ambient air cleaner will take
care of the vile curses that will be floating around in the
shop when I am working on that job?

Anyone else sent off their Galootaclaus packages?

Darrell LaRue
Oakville ON
Wood Hoarder, Blade Sharpener, and Occasional Tool User

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