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267270 Christopher Swingley <cswingle@s...> 2018‑12‑01 Re: How is the Alaska Contingent?

Yeah, I didn't notice it here in Fairbanks, but I have several
co-workers who felt it, which is pretty remarkable for an earthquake
that happened hundreds of miles away. The company I work for has an
office in Anchorage, so I spent a lot of the day yesterday talking
with those folks about their experiences and getting their servers and
network back on-line. I heard from one person who was on the 19th
floor of the tallest building in Alaska (22 floors) and she said it
was absolutely terrifying. Some of the overhead shots of the highway
damage are pretty incredible; you can totally see how the ground
liquified and spread out, breaking the frozen asphalt into sharp
puzzle pieces. For example:
Unless you lived through the 9.2 magnitude Good Friday Quake in 1964,
this is likely the biggest earthquake any Alaska resident has ever
experienced. I was in Fairbanks for the 2002 Denali Fault earthquake,
which had a larger magnitude (7.9) but was much farther away from
Fairbanks than yesterday's earthquake in Anchorage. Something I'll
never forget. It's hard to reconcile things when the very ground you
are standing on is no longer behaving as a solid.


Christopher Swingley
Fairbanks, Alaska

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