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267265 Kirk Eppler <eppler.kirk@g...> 2018‑11‑30 Old Tools Info find, and questions that led to the find
Hey gang

A couple of months back I found a few European T&G planes, with issues
(below).  While trying to figure out who made the planes, I found a cool
web page that has French makers marks.  Mine showed up on the Outis Divers
page (Various Tools for the SCUBA minded)


Anyway, on to my questions:

In this picture, the toe of a Tongue and Groove, coming and going plane,
the left side piece (cheek?) up high is missing.  (Technical terms, I know,
but I can't find the real name yet).  This is essentially a laminated
plane, where they applied these pieces, outside the blade slot, rather than
tunnelling through the body.

1 - what is it really called?

2 - I am missing one, looks kinda odd to see the blade hanging out in
space.  They did appear to take a toothing tool to the surface to improve
adhesion.  I assume beech would be sufficient, is there a better wood
choice?  Besided killing another plane?

3 - the 3 other cheek pieces which are still present are attached with a
variety of nails and glue.  Is it safe to assume I could remove the nails,
steam them a bit to straighten them, and then reglue them?

Thanks in advance for any guidance

Kirk Eppler in Half Moon Bay, CA, who got a little garage time in last
night, and spent half deciphering plane logos, the other half putting stuff

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