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266071 John Ruth <johnrruth@h...> 2018‑07‑10 Re: interesting French plane

I'm thinking that if the user was right-handed, his left small finger was up
against the "cuff" with the web of his rather large hand on the wedge.

Look at the relief on the left side of the wooden wedge in the second and third
photos.  (It does not show up well in the first photo.)

 IMHO, this relief is too distinct to be mere wear from heavy use. Its a place
to rest the web of one's left hand.

We know it was used a lot because of the patch in the sole. (BTW, isn't that the
most ornate throat-closing patch you've ever seen? ) This was somebody's "go-to"

Have we considered the possibility that the user was a lefty?  Or, that he lost
a hand in the Napoleonic wars ?

John Ruth

In New Jersey, where the Flea Market Season is in full swing.

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