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263553 Bill Ghio <bghio@m...> 2017‑10‑14 Re: Another project question
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> On Oct 14, 2017, at 2:01 PM, Maddex, Peter  wrote:
> Question for assembled glooterati, I can't think of hand tool way to cut a
circular dado to make a lazy susan like in the lamp base.

I am guessing a treadle lathe could do it, but a great wheel lathe would be a
better choice. Lacking those I would try a trammel. A piece of saw blade with a
few teeth at the end of the trammel would get you, eventually, a cut. Extend a
bit and repeat. After that, careful chisel work.  Wonder how a router at the end
of a trammel would/could work?

Bill, speculating like crazy this afternoon.

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