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23682 Paul Comino <p.comino@q...> 1997‑08‑08 Re: How much does it weigh?
At 10:40 PM 8/7/97 -0400, J. Joseph Hurray wrote:
>Many thanks to Bill & Erv & all the other Galoots that have helped me with

I thought this thread woulda been put to sleep a lot sooner, but seeing as
it's still alive.....
According to Bootle's "Wood in Australia", air dried maple from Canada
weighs in at 740kg/cubic metre, and from USA at 730kg/cubic metre.  
"What kind of units are they!!??" I hear you saying.  Shuffle the decimal
point a few places to the left, and we have specific gravity.   Easy, huh?
More'n one, and it sinks in water.  You *could* calculate it out to around
46lb/ft3, but why bother?   (: 

And Joe tells us why he wants to know....

>My SWMBO is looking at an antique butcher block. The solid top section is
>24 x 36 x 18, which translates into about 9 cubic feet of solid maple!

Hang on a tick - this stuff is saturated with dried bloo....  glue, fat,
bone, and all sorts of "other" matter.   All the previous data was for
"clean" wood - better ask the question again.  

Big flamin' grin!!


>have to figure out how she is going to carry it up the steps and into the
                        ??? You're joking!!

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