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23618 GACHASSIN, KRIS <GachassinK@b...> 1997‑08‑07 RE: How much does it weigh?

According to "General Engineering Handbook" published by McGraw-Hill
1932, the average weight of Hard Maple is 42 lbs/cuft. It does not
indicate the moisture content of the wood at that density. I hope this

This is a great galoot book. Examples of galoot info:

- barrels of butter, lard, etc. weigh 32 lbs/cuft,
- wax at 60 lbs/cuft
- charts for the strength of various timbers oblique to the grain
- comparison of various glues: animal, casein, vegatable, blood, liquid

Great galoot stuff !

> Hi porch dwellers-
> Can anybody help with the approximate weight of hard maple (the type
> that
> an old butcher block would have been made of) per cubic foot?
> Thanks, Joe in NH

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