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202049 "Dave Pearce" <dave@p...> 2010‑03‑16 RE: cleaning oilstones
If I recall right, DL had kerosene in it.  We had a tub handy in the garage
for years when I was growing up.  I wonder if soaking in straight kerosene
might also do the trick?  I stocked up this winter so I've got a few extra
gallons around.


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Subject: [OldTools] cleaning oilstones

While cleaning the two stones purchased on my return trip from
Saturday's PATINA sale, I've found what may be the quickest and
easiest method to rid decades of gunk.  Try using some Goop
handcleaner (available in the auto department of your local Wallyworld
and appears identical to DL Handcleaner from years past).  Rub in it
for a minute or two and rinse off with warm water.  Worked like a
charm on both stones.

Tony Z.


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