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181903 Don McConnell <DGMcConnell@c...> 2008‑08‑04 Re: Old saw with blank medallion
Steve Reynolds wrote:

>	Ray, I don't think I'm following.  Are you saying that one 
>company (Priest & Co.) had a trademark for "Warranted Superior", and 
>made all the sawnuts so marked?

Thought I'd chime in here, as I had provided some relevant information
on this topic a little over a year ago (message # 169321 in the
archives). I now have a little additional information, and thought
I'd post the amended information as well as provide links to a couple of
images which may shed some light on the subject.

Just so we're clear, I believe Ray is referring to the British "Warranted
Superior" saw medallions which have the British Royal Coat of Arms in the
center. And, yes it was the registered trade mark of, not one, but two
different firms in succession.

More on that in a moment, but I first wanted to outline the two over-
lapping successions of firms which are related to this trade mark.

The first succession goes something like this, as far as I've been able
to reconstruct at present:

INGLE & TRICKETT           Sheffield            <- 1822 - 1847
      24 West Street   [1822 - 1825]
      17 Rockingham Street  [1828 - 1837]
      51 Rockingham Street  [1839 - 1847]
      ("Late Greaves and Ingle")

INGLE, JOSHUA              Sheffield               1849 ->
      51 Rockingham Street

SMITH & CO., HENRY         Sheffield            <- 1852 - 1862 ->
      51 Rockingham Street
      ("Late Ingle & Trickett")

SMITH, WILLIAM HENRY       Sheffield            <- 1879 - 1881 ->
      51 Rockingham Street

These firms are listed as brass founders throughout, with the first
mention of the making of saw screws in 1833. They were also listed as
german silver founders beginning in 1849.

The second succession of firms, goes something like this, at present:

MOORWOOD & PRIEST          Sheffield               1854 - 1856
      64 Scotland Street
      (Edwin Moorwood & Alfred Priest)
PRIEST, ALFRED             Sheffield               1857 - 1862 ->
      64 Scotland Street  [1857]
      60 Pea Croft    [1862]
PRIEST & CO.               Sheffield            <- 1879 - 1925 ->
      Pea Croft Works, 60 Pea Croft  [1879 - 1893]
      Pea Croft Brass Works, 60 Solly Street  [1901-1905]
      188 Brook Street  [1911]
      56 Eyre Street    [1919 - 1925]

These firms were also listed as brass founders throughout their tenure,
and the manufacture of saw screws and german silver was mentioned from
the start.

As to the "Warranted Superior"/coat-of-arms medallion being registered
as a trade mark, the earliest indication I've found of that is in 1879,
in association with the William Henry Smith firm. These are links to
the trade mark listing and an advertisement in the 1879 directory:



At some point between 1879 and 1901, Priest and Co. seems to have
purchased rights to the trade mark, as Ray has already indicated.
Their 1901 trade mark listing can be found at this link:


So, it would appear that all such medallions, for quite some time,
would have been manufactured by one of these firms. At this point, I
don't know how early the W. H. Smith succession of firms registered
it as a trade mark, but they had been making saw screws for over 40
years by 1879, and may have registered it some years earlier.

Hope this has been of some interest.

Don McConnell
Eureka Springs, AR

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