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181892 "Ray Gardiner" <ray@e...> 2008‑08‑05 Re: Old saw with blank medallion
Hi Steve,

Yes, "Warranted Superior" was a Priest & Co Trademark.

Sorry I can't give a more detailed answer, I am out on site
at present.


On 8/4/2008, "Steve Reynolds"  wrote:

>On Aug 3, 2008, at 10:11 PM, Ray Gardiner wrote:
>> Medallion Trivia
>> I have been looking at Medallions, and notice that Priest & Co.  The
>> makers of
>> the "Warranted Superior" the screws that everyone seemed to use when
>> they
>> didn't want to use their own medallion.  Priest & Co, registered the
>> design
>> as a trademark.  Does that mean manufacturers medallions as trade
>> marks only
>> apply to the medallion not the saw?
>=09Ray, I don't think I'm following.  Are you saying that one company
>(Priest & Co.) had a trademark for "Warranted Superior", and made all
>the sawnuts so marked?

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