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162402 Wes G <wesg@e...> 2006‑08‑07 Galootapalooza is in the record books.
Just a note of thanks and a link to some pictures from CATS (Chicago  
Artisans and Trades Society Jeff, meets the second Wednesday each  
month ay Slav's shop.) very own Phil Cannon.

The largest Galootapalooza yet. (every year a few more attendees)

Thanks to Don and Larry from Clark and Williams Planemakers for  
coming to the event. They went out of their way and we really  
appreciate it.

Thanks to Mike Urness for the great sushi. YES, hand-rolled sushi at  
a tool event! Delicious!

Thanks to Mike Duchaj (dooo high) for hosting and once again  
providing an incredible venue for us. Eventually we'll run out of  
Duchaj family farms and have to start repeating ourselves!

The list goes on because everybody that came made it a better event.  
Thanks to all.

I'll post a page with pictures this coming weekend.

Meanwhile, here's a link to Phil's pictures:


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