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161307 Mike Duchaj <oldtool@f...> 2006‑06‑21 Galootapalooza XI: Mark The Calendar!
Attention all Galoots,

Mark your calendar for August 5, 2006. That is the date for Galootapalooza XI.
This year it is sponsored by CATS, coordinated by the Galootapalooza committee,
and I will be hosting at my brother's farm.

45W330 Berner Rd.
Hampshire, IL 60140

Near the intersection of Illinois 20 and 72.

Festivities will begin sometime in the late morning or early afternoon. We need
your suggestions for classes! Anyone willing to teach or present, step right
up! My personal suggestion is bring an unfinished project or untuned tool. Saw
sharpening anyone? How about a class in tuning a Millers Falls Cigar? The list
boggles the mind!

Due to the spiralling cost of porto-potties and charcoal, a small donation will
be encouraged this year.

After the day and evening of revalry, we will all awaken, refreshed, to decend
upon the MWTCA meet at Garfield Farm August 6th.

Stay tuned to the list for details and instructions! Web Master Wes is working
feverishly behind the scenes to make cyberspace magic!

Mike Duchaj
Hampshire, IL


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