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148500 Richard.Wilson@s... 2005‑08‑09 Re: holdfast size?
Paul discovers the model for the Record 145 (holdfast, Jeff)
>I recently found a screw operated (modern, technical version of a
>forged holdfast :-) at a fair price.

and asked
>Are they usually this robust?

Indeed so, in fact the Record has a corrugated shaft, and comes with a
cast collar which has matching corrugations on its inner face. Rather
than being screwed to the bench top, it needs to be bolted through, the
bolts going via a backing ring. Once engaged, this enables a *huge*
pressure to be exerted. Did i say *huge* ? I meant HUGE.

I have a couple of collars in the top of my 'old' bench, and a couple of
spares, one of which I always intended to go horizontally into the right
hand bench leg (the face vice is on the left)

In use, they are fiddly to set up, and tend to have little finesse
between slack and timber crushing.

But just the job for initial roughing down, or for work on green timber
or similar.

Richard Wilson Yorkshireman Galoot


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