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128327 "John J Black" <jjblack@w...> 2004‑01‑27 RE: Left handed veneer saw?
Good Morning GG's,

I'm catching up on some posts this morning as I have the day off due to
freezing rain and snow conditions outside.  Sorry if I'm kind of late
commenting ..

I agree with Jim the veneer saws work well, but I have made a home made
cutter that worked pretty well for cutting veneer at an angle.  (I was
making a veneer backgammon board and wanted the pieces to have a seamless
looking fit).  Anyway, I used 2 pieces of wood and a replacement blade for a
utility knife with a couple of holes and screws to hold the thingy together.
I placed the blade at and angle between the screws and slid the hole thing
against a straight edge.  I made a quickie drawing of the thing if your


Not sure if this helps ...

My 2 Cents,

John J Black (A Machigaloot)
Email: john@j...

Like I always say ... If it wasn't for me there wouldn't be anyone like me

Jim Thompson wrote:

The correct instrument is one of those little veneer saws that have teeth on
2 edges. Veneer is usually cut in a stack with
the veneer saw using a batten for a straight edge. The purpose of this
is matched edges. The saw is ambidextrous. The teeth are sharpened just
like you would sharpen a knife. As many soft strokes as is necessary
are used to cut through the stack while the saw is held with the blade
flat against a thick batten so the angle of cut remains constant. You
can cut single pieces the same way.

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