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128212 Jack Kamishlian <Kamishlianj@w...> 2004‑01‑25 Re: Left handed veneer saw?
How about mat cutters, as in picture framing?  They have to do
essentially the same thing, and they may come cheaper.

Jack in Endwell, NY

1/25/04 9:21:21 AM, sepost@i... (Scott Post) wrote:

>Since I already know the answer I'll go ahead and ask the inevitable
>followup question.  Has anyone ever made a veneer cutter similar to
>this one:
>  http://www.fine-tools.com/G302220.htm
>Seems a fella could make one a whole lot cheaper than they're selling for
>and end up with Jen-U-Wine wood instead of plastic.  If you own or have
>made one, would you mind snapping a disassembled picture for me?

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