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118432 Russ Allen <rcallen@x...> 2003‑06‑05 Galootapalooza VIII - Chicago

   I would like to announce that Galootapalooza VIII will be August 2nd and
3rd this year.   Galoot Mike Duchaj has been cajoled into hosting this year. 
He has generously offered his family's farm in Hampshire, IL for this year's
venues.  Mike and I have come up with a tentative schedule of events:

  Noon to 5 PM: Raiding the nearby Kane County Flea market
  Choice of afternoon classes:
      Gil Chesbro's bow saw making class
      A shaving horse making class
      A casting demo where a Stanley 71 will be recast in bronze
      Ralph's shaker box class
  Mini tool meet
      Bring stuff you'd like to trade or sell!
  Cookout (using galoot made charcoal)
     SWMBOs and GITs are welcome.  There will be fishing in a pond for GITs.  
  Evening demo 
    This has been tentatively reserved for Pete Taran.  He'll either do a 
    medley of Barbara Streisand songs or something saw related.  

  Attend the joint EAIA/MWTCA tool meet in La Fox, IL
  (Non members can get in as guests of members) 

The classes will only be offered if there is interest.  Speak up if
we've left off something you'd like to see or something you'd like
to teach or demonstrate.

Please contact me or Mike (michaelj63@c...) to rsvp or for more 

Russ Allen

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