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114018 "Ralph Brendler" <ralph@b...> 2003‑02‑03 Re: FS: A New Collector's Tool
Bob Nelson writes:

> The book "The Hammer" appears to be one that the DATAMP crew hasn't
> gotten to yet in compiling their site. It does have all the hammer
> patents found in an intensive search for those, so should be very
> helpful.

The reason there are not many hammers in DATAMP is pretty simple-- none of
our data stewards are hammer afficianados!  The same goes for levels, rules,
wrenches, edge tools, and a bunch of other areas.  One of the reasons we are
going public is to try to find additional volunteers to help us "fill the
holes" in our database.  The more volunteers we get, the more useful DATAMP

If you are into patented tools, and find that DATAMP does not have your area
well-covered, we'd love to have you join the patent cabal.  Check out the
(hastily assembled) DATAMP Data Steward FAQ at:


(this will be available off the DATAMP home page soon).
Ralph Brendler, Chicago, IL - OTLM, ENB, FOYBIPO
"Science works even if you don't believe in it..." - Penn Jillette

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