fri, 20-may-2011, 20:51
Fire from the back 5

We’ve got a pretty good view of the fire from behind the house.

And here’s one from a little later (10 PM). At this point it looks like the fire has burned out the hillside we can see and has moved off to the right.

Fire, 10 PM
fri, 20-may-2011, 18:43
Murphy Dome fire

The photo above was taken just before the intersection of Sheep Creek / Goldstream Roads and Murphy Dome Road, less than half a mile from where I work, and about four miles from our house as the crow flies. I’ve spent the last three hours backing up data, and getting our servers ready for possible evacuation. We’re both downwind (currently) and downhill from the fire, but it’s dangerously dry in Fairbanks right now, and if the wind shifts, we find ourselves evacuating our offices.

More as it happens…

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