Swainson’s Thrush (SWTH)

location description date comments
Home Dog yard fence 2024‑05‑30
Home On dog island maybe 2024‑05‑24 Have been hearing calls in the middle of the night for several days
Home On ground in dog yard 2023‑05‑14
Home Dog yard fence post 2022‑05‑22
Home In dog yard 2022‑05‑22
Home In birch tree next to driveway 2021‑06‑28
Home Over near Dog Island 2021‑05‑30
Front 40 (64.892, -147.866) In the woods 2020‑07‑09
Front 40 (64.892, -147.863) At the very top of a spruce, singing 2020‑06‑05
Home Heard from bedroom window 2020‑05‑20
Home On dog yard fence 2019‑06‑17 Carrying food
Home Near red cabin 2018‑05‑20
Home Calling behind the back cabin 2018‑05‑15
Home Somewhere near Dog Island 2016‑05‑22
Home Heard calling from house 2015‑05‑19
Home Dog yard fence 2014‑06‑11
Home In spruce next to driveway 2014‑05‑29
Home All over 2013‑06‑02
Home Dog yard fence 2012‑06‑23
Home On tree on far creek bank behind back cabin 2012‑05‑26
Home Across the Creek 2012‑05‑19
Front 40 (64.891, -147.868) Spruce thicket 2012‑05‑13 Came when I played it’s song
Front 40 (64.891, -147.871) Off trail 2012‑05‑12 Originally called it a Hermit Thrush
Home Heard next to driveway near bus 2011‑06‑02
Home Across the bridge 2009‑05‑30
Home Singing atop a spruce on Dog Island 2008‑06‑03
Home Heard behind the house 2008‑06‑01

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