Recent Observations

species location description date comments
Wood Frog Home Slough 2022‑05‑19
Yellow-shafted Flicker Home Behind back cabin 2022‑05‑16
Gambel’s White-crowned Sparrow Home In the dog yard 2022‑05‑13
Green-winged Teal Home Slough 2022‑05‑10
Mallard Home Slough 2022‑05‑10 Male
Moose Home Across the slough 2022‑05‑10
Red Fox Home Other side of the slough 2022‑05‑08
Mallard Home On the slough 2022‑05‑05 Pair
Spruce Grouse Home Across the creek behind back cabin 2022‑05‑05 Male displaying to female
American Kestrel Home Landed in large spruce tree on dog island 2022‑05‑05
Spruce Grouse Home Behind back cabin 2022‑05‑05 Female
Slate-colored Junco Home Corner of the deck 2022‑05‑01 Three
Ruby-crowned Kinglet Home Heard from bridge 2022‑04‑27
Sandhill Crane Home Back 10 2022‑04‑25 Moving up Miller Hill Extension
Trumpeter Swan Home Flew over back cabin, back 10 2022‑04‑25 Pair
Common/Hoary Redpoll Home Dead tree near feeders just outside dog yard 2022‑04‑08
American Three-toed Woodpecker Home Dead spruce near snow board 2022‑03‑26 Male tapping with another down the creek
Great Horned Owl Home Back cabin 2022‑03‑23 Flushed when I opened the cabin door

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