Recent Observations

species location description date comments
Snowshoe Hare Goldstream Valley
(64.888, -147.907)
Running across trail 2024‑04‑13 Still whitish
Spruce Grouse Home Near back cabin 2024‑04‑08 Female
Red Fox Home On the slough 2024‑04‑06 Black fox!
Spruce Grouse Home Tree above Tacoma 2024‑04‑06
Spruce Grouse Home Below tray feeder 2024‑03‑29
Northern Flying Squirrel Home On bird feeders 2024‑03‑28
Boreal Owl Home Toward back 10 2024‑03‑17
Moose Home Near weather stations 2024‑02‑14
Northern Red-backed Vole Home Ran across trail to poop pile 2024‑02‑06
Spruce Grouse Home On top of water tank 2024‑01‑18
Hairy Woodpecker Home On feeders 2024‑01‑17
Great Horned Owl Home Dog Island 2024‑01‑16

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