Gambel’s White-crowned Sparrow (GWCS)

location description date comments
Home On pallet in dog yard 2024‑05‑07
Home On pile of lumber between Tacoma and creek 2023‑05‑05
Home Singing on dog island 2023‑05‑05
Home In the dog yard 2022‑05‑13
Home Wood next to creek 2021‑05‑15
Home Birch tree just outside the dog yard 2020‑05‑05
Home Spruce next to creek 2018‑05‑10
Front 40 (64.891, -147.881) Next to the road 2018‑05‑10
Home Base of spruce tree nearest to the deck 2017‑10‑21
Home Next to creek 2016‑05‑07
Peat Ponds (64.911, -147.935) None 2014‑05‑25
Home Dog island area 2014‑05‑13
Tanana Lakes None 2013‑05‑24
Home Ground below feeders 2013‑05‑15
Home In tree next to creek 2012‑05‑04
Home Tray feeder 2011‑07‑02 Adult feeding youngster
Home On deck 2011‑05‑13
Home On ground near water tank 2010‑04‑28
Home Spruce tree near bridge 2009‑05‑11
Home In trees along driveway near red cabin 2008‑07‑23
Home Along driveway 2008‑06‑01

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