American Kestrel (AMKE)

location description date comments
Home Behind back cabin 2024‑07‑18
Home Over dog yard 2024‑07‑05
Home Dead tree on/near Dog Island 2024‑04‑27 Pair
Home Dog island 2023‑05‑24 Dive bombing a raven
Home Landed in large spruce tree on dog island 2022‑05‑05
Home By power pole 2021‑07‑22
Home Spruce tree behind the house 2021‑04‑23
Home Dog yard 2020‑09‑04 Fight between kestrel and Canada Jay
Home Trees between the slough and road 2020‑09‑01 Two
Home Slough, dog yard 2020‑06‑24 Harassing GHOW
Home Near back cabin 2020‑06‑16 Chasing great horned owl
Home Top of a spruce near dog island 2020‑05‑04 Pair
Home Flying around between house and back cabin 2020‑05‑03
Home Flew over dog yard 2020‑05‑02
Home Flying over red cabin 2019‑05‑05
Home Flew over weather stations 2019‑05‑03
Home Top of spruce near back cabin 2018‑05‑18
Home Flying over shed 2018‑05‑06
Home Hunting from tops of spruce trees near road and driveway 2017‑06‑29
Home Spruce tree near red cabin, Dog Island 2014‑08‑05
Goldstream Valley (64.888, -147.881) Across from Erica’s driveway 2014‑06‑11
Home Top of spruce behind dog yard shed 2012‑09‑04
Home Atop tallest deck birch tree 2012‑05‑30
Home Flew over dog yard 2012‑04‑25 Chased by LBJs
Home Flew over dog yard 2011‑08‑07
Front 40 Flying all around yard 2010‑08‑17
Home Flying over marsh behind dog shed 2010‑04‑25
UAF Hunting in the fields southeast of the botanical gardens 2008‑07‑18 Seen hovering, diving, and catching a vole
Goldstream Valley Sheep Creek Rd and Railroad tracks near Ann's Greenhouses 2008‑06‑29
Goldstream Valley Flying across Sheep Creek Road near Murphy Dome intersection 2008‑06‑11

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