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93435 Randy Roeder <roeder.randall@m... 2001‑05‑01 More early surforms
Matthew Kennedy sent in a summary summary information about  early
surforms in Australia. I asked if I could post it to the list--
apparently the first blades go back to at least 1948.

If anyone has any other pre-1958 information, I'd be beholden.


>   from Australian Woodworking PlaneMakers Second edition by Trevor D.

>   > 1958
>   Ballarat Victoria
>   (owned by Firth Cleveland Pty Ltd of Wolverhampton England)
>   Stanley became owner of Surform trademark in 1967.
>   Surform blades patented November 8 1949 by Firth (Aust Pat 144430)

>   Simmonds made 3 planes using the surform blade.
>   Diecast Block plane 140mmx43mm
>   Diecast plane 254x43
>   Diecast compass blade.

>   I believe the surform plane in the Tauton plane book is a
simmonds,though I
>   may be wrong.

>   I have a couple of surform planes, so they must have been common in
>   Australia.

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