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272855 Chuck Taylor 2021‑02‑19 Made a wooden plane
Gentle Galoots,

One of my latest "work avoidance projects" (@TM Darrell Larue) was to make a
Krenov-style wooden plane. I've made a couple in the past, but this is the first
one I've made without a Krenov-trained instructor looking over my shoulder. The
last one I made was in 2008, so I used David Finck's book to refresh my memory
on the details.

The last smoother I made is 11" (28 cm) long; this time I wanted one a bit
shorter. It came out to about 8" (21 cm) long; Krenov would have called it a
"polishing plane." I looked around the shop for a piece of hard, dense wood of
sufficient size and chose a billet of red oak. That oak came to me green and "in
the round", and I had at some point split and sawn it to usable size. It had 10
or 15 years to acclimate itself to my shop. The iron of course came from Ron

The cross pin is bigleaf maple. The original wedge was also bigleaf maple, but
it wasn't quite right, so I made a 2nd wedge from meranti. That made the plane
easier to adjust.

I am still getting acquainted with the new plane, but so far it seems to be
working quite well. This link leads to a photo for your viewing pleasure:


Chuck Taylor
north of Seattle USA
272856 Ed Minch <ruby1638@a...> 2021‑02‑19 Re: Made a wooden plane

Well done - nice size and nice shaving

Ed Minch

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