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271935 Elf Wrangler <elfwrangler@g...> 2020‑10‑16 Galootaclaus 2020
Gracious Galooterati,

It seems that this year of 
all years the whole world could use a reminder of the good will, 
civility and generosity that exists in the hearts of people everywhere. 
With that thought in mind let us make this year’s Galootaclaus event the
 epitome of socially distanced merrymaking and good cheer!

The registration period will commence on Sunday, October 18th and will end on
Saturday, October 31st.

Matches will be made in the first few days of November and will be emailed to
you on Thursday, November 5th.

May you and your families remain well and healthy,

Elf Wrangler


Recent Search Bios FAQ