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271760 don schwartz <dks@t...> 2020‑09‑10 Re: Spare a thought for the Happy Camper
Hi Scott
Glad to hear you made it through that.

I was thinking of you recently while slowly repairing some plane totes 
in-between other projects. I had tried cyano glue a couple of times 
without success, so I dug around on the hard drive and found a copy of 
your published instructions on tote repair. I trimmed the top of the 
tote parallel to the bottom with neanderbuddy and clamped the new wood 
to it for 30 hours or so using Titebond III straight off the saw, thanks 
to Mr. Record. It has stood up to shaping with rasps, files, scraping 
and sanding, and I'm now attempting to match the colour using my 
favoured gradual approach of many dilute coats of water-soluble aniline 
dyes. It's coming along. Don't want to be rushing into anything!

Many thanks to you for sharing your ideas and methods.


On 2020-09-10 7:48 a.m., scott grandstaff wrote:
> Hi Guys
>   I'm fine. Thank you for the kind thoughts.
> Really means a lot to me.
> My house was miraculously spared.
> It was hell like I never saw. (and I thought I knew hell)
> Most of my oldest friends are homeless.
> As my friend Dean says, 50 years gone in an hour.
>  We had basically "made it".  Its after September and was a perfect year.
>  Well not counting a worldwide plague and stirrings of civil war in 
> America.
> But as far as fire we all thought we were on easy street.
>   One random spark on a mountaintop, in a freak dry wind storm, and a 
> monster was born in a matter of minutes. I was upwind. It happened 
> directly in front of me across the valley on the ridge.
> I was upwind.
>    But 1/3 of my town was not only downwind, but in a narrow valley 
> that made a natural wind tunnel.
>   In one day the fire took whatever it wanted and wandered over 25 
> miles and into Oregon. One day
> It was moving like a prairie fire only in full standing forest.
>  I just got power back so this is the first I have had lights or a 
> computer in days. First time I ever really wanted a smartphone. (I 
> have a little "calls only" cellphone and wifi does the rest usually.)
> Its 6am and I just got power back,
>   Now there is no water.
> And I didn't even have "no water" on my bingo card!
> But they are building a fire camp in the field below me and guys are 
> pouring in. Even though the giant fire has moved on, I have 50 square 
> miles of glowing cinders and spots are going to keep popping up until 
> it rains hard.
>     yours scott

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