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270976 Chuck Taylor 2020‑05‑23 Re: Scissors and shears and sharpening and such

You wrote, among other worthy words,

===snip snip====
....  I recommend ... visiting Sheffield, where the Kelham Island Museum houses
the Hawley Collection of galoot tools, and a vast, vast, library of catalogues
and printed material, for which you will need to get some special permissions
for access.
====end snip====

Hmmm. Snipping seems quite appropriate in a thread originally about scissors and

I'd like to second Richard's recommendation to visit the Kelham Island Museum in
Sheffield. I had the pleasure of visiting there in 2016. I mentioned to the
person at the check-in desk that I was particularly interested in Charles
Taylor's Sheffield Tool Works. After a while, one of the archivists tracked me
down to show me one of their catalogs from 100 years ago or so. After a while
she brought me another catalog, this time from after James Cam took over the
Charles Taylor product line. I was allowed to photograph both catalogs, page by
page. She even showed me on a local map where the company was located.

Some great tool displays there. A delightful place for a Galoot to spend a day.
Or more.

Chuck Taylor
north of Seattle USA

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