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270193 Ken Wright <wizard@b...> 2020‑03‑24 Re: WTB: 18" or longer back saw
My miter box is mostly black, with a few red parts.  Like Matt Cooper's,
it has short legs holding it above the benchtop, with "Craftsman" cast
into the horizontal surface.  I hope that helps someone.


On 3/24/20 5:20 PM, Ed Minch wrote:
> Craftsman used a lot of suppliers - maybe a different miter box
> supplier at one point?
>  Ed Minch
>> On Mar 24, 2020, at 5:04 PM, Bruce Zenge > <mailto:brucensherry@g...>> wrote:
>> Would the color scheme help anybody identify this?  I have a Craftsman
>> miter box that is red and gray that I am sure was made by Millers Falls,
>> since I had a Millers box in the same exact configuration.  Don't know if
>> that would help your situation, but thought it might be a useful data
>> point.
>> Bruce Z.
>> Des Moines, IA
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