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269718 Christian Gagneraud <chgans@g...> 2020‑01‑20 Re: Stanley 55 dating and restoring
On Tue, 21 Jan 2020 at 09:52, Christian Gagneraud  wrote:
> On Tue, 21 Jan 2020 at 04:31, Troy Livingston  wrote:
> >
> > Chris,
> >
> > My 45 had a torn label with loose fragments. I used a little liquid hide
> > glue and a small soft artists brush to adhere the fragments. I'm pretty
> > sure I took an after photo but typically forget to take the before one.
> > If I can find them I will post. Once set I used the brush with some warm
> > water to clean the excess glue. This is also my procedure for old clock
> > labels. The advantages are the glue is acid neutral and more importantly
> > the whole thing is reversible. In the old days people used to coat their
> > clock labels with varnish or PVA glue. These are permanent and make a
> > mess of the paper.
> Thanks for sharing, would you do any cleaning job first?
> The label on the cutter boxes are near pristine, but the label on the
> main box is half gone. Basically i would like to stop the aging
> process.
> I'm considering keeping the boxes and the manual in a cupboard after
> restoration, and make a new box for the workshop...
> This thing is 100 year old already, would be nice if it can go for
> another century or two, for the lucky next owners.

Just found that, an article about restoring Stanley 45 labels!

The guy mentioned 'Memory Mount' glue as being "the highest
recommended product by restoration experts"

And near the end:
> There is one final step that I wanted to do but the recommended product is not
available at this time.
> The product is sprayed over the label to prevent the paper from becoming
brittle over time and
> extending the time required for restoration. With proper care and storage this
label should now be
> able to survive another at least another 50 years.

But he doesn't say what spray product it is :(

On other sites, I found quite a few mentions of 'ModgePodge', and
spray sealant, water based polyurethane, acrylic sealer, ...
Tho, i would prefer something natural than complex chemical.


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