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269363 Anthony Seo 2019‑11‑01 Brown Auction Service Fall 2019 Dealer Sale
Today was the Brown Auction Service Fall 2019 Dealer Sale held at the 
Radisson in Camp Hill PA.  The storms from the day before left a lot of 
run off on the roads and a steady and heavy wind for most of the ride, 
both going and coming back.  There was good turnout of both dealers and 
buyers.  Saw a few of the familiar faces, including Tom Dugan, Bill 
Weber, the elusive Tony Z, and Walt and Mary Henderson who had a table 

Picture of the floor action.


Lots and lots of tools to look at.


View of the auction area which is happening tomorrow.


Pickings were fairly good.  At the top are a curved and straight blade 
spoke shaves, a pair of curved tavisher blades, a 6 inch bevel square, a 
gouge, some Starrett calipers and dividers, a pair of Starrett 
combination square center heads, a pair of leather punches, a Stanley 
brad awl, small turnscrew, and a solid brass pocket level.


There is a screw lock rosewood mortising gage, a rosewood panel marking 
gage, blacksmith straight peen hammer, a good pair of blacksmith tongs, 
an S S Barry complex molding plane, a pair of 1/8" chisels, a 4" Stanley 
No. 12 Type 1 square, and a few brace bits to add to the pile.


All in all it was good run.

Tony (feeling the fall weather in his bones)

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