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269357 John Ruth <johnrruth@h...> 2019‑10‑31 Re: Union Steel Chest Co

Who says there are no more good tools at good prices floating around “in the
wild?”  You certainly have a gloatable haul there!

Part of the fun of buying boxes, cases, and chests with contents is sorting,
inventorying, and organizing the contents.

The “0600” might be a model number or an “article number” rather than a serial
or “assembly number.” The leading zero supports this.  The “115” is an “assembly
number;” further examination of the case interior may reveal another “115””.”

Finding TWO correct keys in an antique chest tool chest or case is unheard of

The Irwin stubby screwdriver in one of the top left drawers is almost perfect
for the slotted screw which holds the chipbreaker onto the iron on most planes,
both wooden and metallic.

The spline wrenches, a.k.a. Bristol wrenches, are an unusual find.  When you
need one of those, nothing else will do.

The “chef’s hat knob” is another bit of unobtainium that’s frequently MIA from
the parent tool.

The three-jaw chuck with the bitstock shank is a winner, as is any bitstock
screwdriver.  ( My go-to tool for stubborn wood screws. )

You now have a mission: collect a complete set of bitstock-shank twist drills
and display them in an attractive block.  I think they were sized by 1/64ths, so
a complete set is fairly extensive.

John Ruth

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