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268098 galoot@l... 2019‑03‑13 Re: Tool Disposition Abbreviations NIWIG and NTGBITC
Quoting Troy Livingston :

Lovely! although if anyone else has a super-emergency need for such an 
item a non-wood version easily made can be seen at 
ltville.blogspot.com/2012/04/marys-stilettos.html  (on the 
round tuit list...)

What is the dark (blue?) banding on the ferrule?  How did you do it?

Esther  thinking the decoration might work on other items.

> I once made a sewing stiletto (an awl like object) for my wife for 
> Christmas. My family has a tradition where we draw names and you
> to make that person their present.
> After a frantic two days, (Did I mention the procrastination runs 
> strong in my family?) I managed to just get this assembled in time

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