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268094 Brian Welch <brian.w.welch@g...> 2019‑03‑13 Re: another reason to go toSheffield
If anyone is in Sheffield they should visit the newest brewery there, The
Brewery of St. Mars of the Desert (https://b
eerofsmod.co.uk/).  The owners,
Dann and Martha Holley Paquette, ran my favorite brewery in Boston (Pretty
Things Beer and Ale Project), but have recently relocated to Sheffield.

For years they did a collaboration series with beer historian Ron Pattinson
m/), recreating 19th century English
beers. Pattinson is an amazing amateur historian, who has looked at
thousands of old brewing logs to help brewers and homebrewers recreate
these old beers (mostly because he wanted to drink these beers that he

Nothing better than being in the workshop using 19th century tools and
drinking an 1850's recipe London Porter.

Beer quality and tool quality declined at about the same time and for
the same reason--industry consolidation and the fact that accountants and
other bean counters were making decisions instead of craftsman (be they
brewers or toolmakers).



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