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267823 Phil Koontz <phil.koontz@g...> 2019‑02‑09 Re: Note for a slow day
Hi Ed--

TFY.  "Through the ice" is a bigger question than it might seem.  Our part
of the Yukon is rarely passable by car due to the rough ice that forms when
the river stops flowing.  Most of the traffic between villages is by
snowgo, and this year has been a difficult one for the trails.  I haven't
been on the river yet, although really should get up to visit my friend
Andy at his camp.  Most of the problem is that the snow gets wet, to the
point that the trails are covered with overflow--a slurry of water and snow
that is analogous to quicksand.  It's usually not too deep--just over your
boots is usual.  However, it can and does capture snow machines, and a lot
of the trails are closed for that reason.  There are some open holes
reported here and there.

But.  The Iron Dog (snowmobile race) starts in a week or so, and that
should get the trails pounded down and well marked, so I expect that we
will have more traffic soon.  Usually, I get out well before Christmas, but
this year it hasn't happened.

Briefly, no cars this year, and nobody has gone through the ice yet.


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