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267605 John Ruth <johnrruth@h...> 2019‑01‑11 Re: Millrat tools

Long before Jim passed, I was moaning about a problem with rusty pipe and he
offered to sell me a pipe tap for about 1/3 of what a new USA-made tap would
cost.  I bought it, of course.

As you’d expect, it was a quality tap, well cared for.

I’ve used it only twice, but you know who I think of each time I see it!

Jim could not only “do,” he could “teach” and “write.”  Not many can do all
those things; many talented craftsmen would not have the patience to teach nor
the motivation and skills to write.

What man he was!  There are many hundreds of people, former apprentices, co-
workers, Porch dwellers, etc. who are operating on knowledge and skills that Jim
taught them.  He has passed, but he left a legacy of empowered craftspeople.

John Ruth
Age 63
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