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266980 "Ed O'" <edo@e...> 2018‑11‑07 Re: Miller's Falls Ingersoll Rand #74C
Short answer, I think the quality held up pretty well over time.

Longer answer,  I have 4 Millers Falls No. 74 Miter Boxes kicking around the
basement right now in various states of completeness.  1 is very early with
cast iron feet, the later ones have the stamped metal feet.  The very
earliest has metal dowels coming up out of the bed for holding stock at an
angle for crown moulding operations and the angle swing adjustment is
different than the later ones.  The earliest has a brass plaque on the front
post that is riveted on, the next 2 appear to have a tin labels stuck on
with the model number stamped in it, the newest is just a decal or sticker.
At a guess the 2 middle ones are probably 1950s and the latest is probably
1960s or towards the end of these.

Looking at the ones with the stamped metal feet, they all appear to be of
similar quality.  The casting is slightly rougher on the latest, but just
from a finish stand point (feels a little rougher).

At general auctions I usually see them go for $10 to $20.  2 came from
estate auctions that were predominately tools, 1 was an estate sale that was
predominately tools, and one was a general auction.

They are a pain to ship, especially with the saw.  Honestly if you see a
complete one for $100 locally and you want it, that is a fair price.  I
figure a complete one with saw can be sold for between $100 and $150 pretty
easily.  A few years ago Chris Schwarz was hyping them and they sold easily
for more money.

Ed O'

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I'm looking for a good mitre box and saw. Came across a Miller's Falls
Ingersoll Rand #74C that someone is selling for $100. I know that Millers
Falls made some great mitre boxes but did the quality decline at all after
they were bought by Ingersoll Rand? I can't really find any info on the
google machine about Miller's Falls Ingersoll Rand. Is $100 a good price?

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