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266516 Kirk Eppler <eppler.kirk@g...> 2018‑09‑16 Re: Coupla Things
KUM was one brand I was going to suggest, as that is what I have at work,
in a single size. The shop has a two sized round one by M+R, model 602,
also out of Germany.  The body is brass, the holes are 90 degrees opposed.

Looks like it is Mobius & Ruppert, sold by Dick Block for $8.43., or one of
a choice at Amazon for $8.25.  I also have the 604 in the house, possibly
called a bullet or Castor.

I can't reach pencilthings from the home computer to see what the page
looks like, but the inventory looks similar.

Pencilthings is not in the archives

Kirk, putting away another guy's galoot timeline project, stalled by this
important email.

On Sep 16, 2018 10:22 AM, "RH"  wrote:

Thanks for the help, Kirk!

The sharpener I was looking for is made by KUM (Germany, I think) and
has 2 different sized holes.  I found them on Amazon in a 3-pak for way
too much geld (~$14USD).  Fleabay showed the price of a single unit at
~$10USD.  While searching, I can across this URL: PencilThings - High
quality writing and drawing products! <h

I think this might have been the site I remember from years ago. They
still have the KUM 2-hole sharpener listed but as out of stock.  Their
price each is $2USD.

Again thanks for the help.

Bob Hutchins
Temple, TX (a southwestern US state, Jeff)

On 9/13/2018 4:57 PM, Kirk Eppler wrote:
> Bob
> Googling
> > site:swingleydev.com <http://swingleydev.com> "pencil sharpener"
> arizona gets zero hits
> > site:swingleydev.com <http://swingleydev.com> "pencil sharpener"  gets
> 117 (but only about 20 for real, the rest are duplicates)
> The first one is from you 2008, checking out some other guys
> sharpener, but it doesn't link back to the original email.  The recent
> isn't working to let me look "around" that one.  I suspect that is it
> though.  Maybe some words from the message you received back may help.
> I swear I bought from him, but can't find any orders right now.  But I
> do have lots of cool old school sharpeners (old style, not them fancy
> crank things)
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