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266507 RH <rhhutchins@h...> 2018‑09‑13 Coupla Things
First, can someone please educate me about using the archives?

Second, does anyone remember a thread some years ago about a guy (in AZ, 
IIRC) who had a website that sells pencils and pencil sharpeners?

The reason for my first request is to become more proficient at using 
the archives so that I don't have to ask questions like the second one 
but can be independent in finding things in them.  I figured out that I 
could put the word 'pencil' in the search argument and that I'd get a 
slew and a half of hits.  The problem was that I got too many hits so 
that searching thru them is dang nigh impossible.  I then saw the 
'Recent' option, but that doesn't suit my need because the thread was 
years ago . . .   maybe more than a decade.  So, I'd like to know how to 
better formulate search arguments and how to sort hits so that going 
through them is a prospect with reasonable probabilities of success.  I 
didn't see anything in FAQ, but at my age missing things is not uncommon.

Of course my second request is to help me find out if the guy is still 
in business.

Thanks in advance!
Bob Hutchins, Temple, TX (a small city in the American Southwest, Jeff)

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