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266505 Ed Minch <ruby1638@a...> 2018‑09‑13 ivory

I couple of days ago I posted this guy’s site:


He is an incredible carver working in ivory, and he sells a material he says is
the best copy of ivory out there.  I wanted to make a guitar bridge  (1 X 6 X
3/8”) out of fossil ivory, but it would have bee $2-300 for the piece and I
would have been afraid to carve it.  So I talked over my needs with this guy and
he said he would send me some extra material to play with,  Well it came today
and I am tickled.  Here is a bridge in real fossil ivory


I called this guy to ask where he gets it, and he said they don't offer it
anymore because it is too expensive. Just beautiful.  I can't even afford the
fossil ivory pins that are stuck in the bridge.

Here is what came today for $25 + $5 shipping:


The largest piece is 7 X 1-3/8 - he was very generous in that piece.  I think
the stuff looks great.  Scroll to the left for 3 shots.

Ed Minch

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