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265834 "yorkshireman@y..." <yorkshireman@y...> 2018‑05‑15 Parsers (was Re: How big is your try square?)
We seem to discuss parsers regularly.  over the years of this century the
archives reveals that ‘we’ have a full understanding.  Just two days ago I
wrecked the beam of a new pencil gauge by mangling the job of inlaying the brass
plate for the adjusting screw.  I was in a hurry to use it, so I didn’t do the
job the way I know is the right way.  When I have a couple of hours I’ll mount a
rescue mission…
I did subsequently spend 40 minutes or so to fit one brass screw.  You all know
how necessary it is to have a dash pot with a bit of soft wax to help in driving
screws? - of course you do - so I paused to make up a tiny pot, using some cheap
wax to fill most of the space, then the good stuff where a wipe over with the
screw collects ‘just enough’
Worked a treat, and diverted me from the horrible sight of the stock.   A parser
is the tool to use - first I have to make one though.

Anyway - parsers - the story is here.  I suggest we strike out the adjective
‘drill’ when speaking of them.

from back in 2000  Todd Hughes describes them

then in 2010   
which goes here - fascinating stuff and photos

and also 
see  http://swingleydev.c

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