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265100 "Adam R. Maxwell" <amaxwell@m...> 2018‑02‑11 Re: Ahoy, again.
> On Feb 10, 2018, at 15:57 , Matthew Groves  wrote:
> All the best and really fantastic to hear from you.

Nearly as good as finding out that Harrison Ford was a
member of this here list.

> If any porch dwellers are too new to know what a “guntershave“ is, now you’ve
met the man behind it all.

My introduction was only through the porch archives and one
of Rev. Ron's spokeshave kits, so this is nearly as good
as seeing some historical figure come back to life! This
is still my favorite shave:

s.com/teachshave/TEACHSHAVE.HTM <http://www.hocktools.com/teachshave/TEACHSHAVE.HTM>

(who actually used a brace and Whitehouse auger today)

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