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265087 John Gunterman <jgunterman@s...> 2018‑02‑10 Ahoy, again.
Greetings fellow knuckle draggers.

Been about 15 years, and what a long and very (very) strange trip it's been!

Camped out up here in Craftsbury, VT for the next 2-3 years at a very small
and remote College... with a beautiful woodshop.

Only packed the "essentials" on this trip... It was hard to decide what to
bring and what to leave behind, but I think I got the basics covered.

https://i.imgur.com/zleCWPx.jpg <-
- for those morbidly curious what made
the "first cut"

Time to make some shavings and work on getting my head and heart "right"

Very Respectfully
John Gunterman

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