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264730 David Nighswander <wishingstarfarm663@m...> 2018‑01‑13 Re: Slightly OT - except for who we are
Still learning after all these years. I have found that I can ask a question
here and get an answer, not an expletive laden rant by an agenda driven
"expert".  There might be dicussion, but not accrimony.

This is home. I have to visit the crazy town for work but I don't live there.

" I have no idea the percentage, but I find most widely disseminated information
on the web to be faulty in one way or another.  These days, I take none of it at
face value -- just use it as another data point in an effort to learn.

So, with our obsolete email forum, we really have the best of it, and in the
words of the old Scotts toast, "here's to us, who's like us!"

Joseph Sullivan "

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