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263954 curt seeliger <seeligerc@g...> 2017‑11‑15 Re: what's on your bench
>> After spending a weekend cleaning the garage, I have a load of dishes
>> >> & c. to catch up on. ht
> ...
> The Bodger's Ball in the UK is loads of fun.
> SWMBO and I are returning for the 2018 Ball.
> And we have maybe got another Galoot interested as well.
> Nudge nudge.
> Your slope is already greasy, right?

Aww, Darrell. You know it's greasy. It makes the Vitalis I got as a kid
seem sticky as pine pitch by comparison. You know that. You also know about
the Greenwood Fest next June that Follansbee and Plymouth Craft is putting
on yet again. And you know about the classes that are held in the days
before the Fest proper.  And of course you know tickets for that go on sale
Feb 2.

I get calluses on my hands just thinking about it.

Maybe, if there's enough bad news in the budget for water research, I might
go. Might even take my resume and an extra change of underwear while I'm at


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