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263500 Erik Levin 2017‑10‑11 Re: crystal
Just reread my first sentences. Sounds like a low rent Dr Seuss. It was
unintentional, and I apologize to all of you that have class and/or taste. If
you found it amusing, you have my condolences.
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    On Wednesday, October 11, 2017 6:14 PM, Ed Minch  wrote:

 Great idea.  

One of the more sophisticated guitar repair shops does something similar.  The
nut is the part of the guitar up near the tuning machines that the strings pass
over onto the fretboard. The depth of the nut slots is pretty critical to how
the guitar plays, and if you get them too deep, then you start over as there has
been no quick, permanent fix.  These guys pioneered the use of dentist teeth
filling material with the UV light to fill in the too-deep slot and then start

Never thought I would say this, but “of to the nail salon, honey”

Ed Minch

> On Oct 11, 2017, at 6:06 PM, Erik Levin via OldTools  wrote:
> If you want to glue, and the glass shop has no clue, you might do well with UV
curing gel. The local nail salon will have this, and the light to cure it, too.
> I believe it is a generally a UV polymerized methyl-acrylate. The clearcoat
gel is actually what the repair tech used last time I had a chipped windscreen.
Yes, it really was the nail polish prep. As good a match as the previous repair
with the windshield specific stuff-- not perfect, but not very noticeable. The
nail gel cures with UV-A, wavelengths in the ballpark of 360 to 400nm (near
visible UV-A to the shortest visible blue), which, conveniently enough, most
glasses are fairly transparent to.
> What is the worst result? It doesn't do it and you need to soak the thing in
acetone for a while to clean it and start over?
> Cleaning/prep would be acetone and light brush for loose debris. 
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