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263496 Kirk Eppler <eppler.kirk@g...> 2017‑10‑11 Re: crystal
I'd spend the $32.  Especially if you put Another Ding in the table.....
You'll be wishing it was a white linen table cloth.

I've tried to glue glass, and the frustration level was pretty high.

On Wed, Oct 11, 2017 at 1:14 PM, Ed Minch  wrote:

> Thanks for looking.  Here are 4 shots of the crystal.  The question is -
> can this be glued?  I went to the local (rural town) glass shop and they
> said they were not aware of “glass glue” but they had an epoxy they used to
> glue metal parts to glass.  Text at the bottom of each shot:
> > https
> 72157661389229938/
> There are several glues listed for glass - pretty inexpensive in a small
> tube.  Anybody have experience -  I don't want this to come apart as the
> table below is glass and I already put a tiny chip in it with this
> “incident"

Kirk Eppler in HMB, CA, wishing good thougths for MIA BAGs in Napa area.

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