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262834 Matthew Groves <grovesthegrey@g...> 2017‑08‑12 Re: Concern for the list
Bruce and all,

I love the list and it’s history and it’s content. 

The knowledge here would no doubt be beneficial to many people not yet on it.

In my opinion, It’s harder to find people willing to endure the text-only aspect
of the list.

If that aspect ever changes (to a Facebook group or forum software for instance)
then the potential audience is vastly greater.

At the beginning the text-only character favored good writing and was a low bar
for all. It was limiting in that you had to have internet access and an email
address, but that was the only limits. Slow internet? No prob. Computer didn’t
handle pics or video? Not an issue.

As time has gone on, it seems reasonable that an even higher bar would still not
exclude anyone.

Speaking only for myself, I would love us to not fade away simply because we
have fond memories of our text only roots.

Mine are very very fond.

Matthew Groves
Springfield, MO

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